Scrambling to buy custom designed and printed promo items for All Stars, Summer Camps, Music/Theatre events, Fall Registration for sports leagues?

We also volunteer for Redmond area youth activities, so we can relate!

So here are a few print shopping tips to save your precious time and budget …

  1. Use us as a 1 stop shop. We have produced over 25 unique items for youth activities. You can start by coming to us and in 1 meeting, check most if not all things off your list OR you can spend 1-3 weeks shopping around. Which would you rather do?
  2. We print on many different sizes of paper and machine types, this is typical in the industry. The smaller the finished size of your artwork is, in general, the price / piece will be lower.
  3. AND…volume discounting is a big deal. The more you buy, the better the deal.
  4. We’ll put a 10% discount onto your account for all projects (banners, stickers, tshirts, whatever you need)
  5. BUT…while we can generally estimate pricing over the phone or in person, we won’t be able to calculate exact pricing until 3 things happen:
    • We see your artwork and sizing (print readiness and production methods are frequently misunderstood)
    • You confirm the quantities (or at least the range you might need)
    • You confirm your deadlines (and whether they are flexible or hard)
  6. Design is frequently needed. We can either do logo design or print production design (assembly onto specific layouts). Our rates are $90/hr and for production design we estimate in fixed project time estimates (ex. we estimate 35 minutes to build the print ready artwork for a set of decals that might ).

Being a super parent volunteer is awesome, THANK YOU for doing that! Let us help you make the most of it by taking away the complexity of designing and printing material for your group. Click here to request an estimate or call 425.883.7464 to make an appointment today!