Brent Elmer from Pump Action Games launched his new Indie game Moonshot at PAX East in April. What a thrill for us to be part of helping him get to market and here's the email he sent to Sarah, our Production Designer, right after the show:

"We stole the show, Sarah! There was some good-natured resentment from the other booths that we, being new on the scene, drew the crowds! It was so fun! Thanks for helping make that happen :) The lights were key, btw. Having a lamp really made things pop. Next time, I'm gonna get triple the number.

Thanks for the tip! Who would have thought I'd need my graphics company to point out Indie Showcase opportunities :)"

Brent found us online, called 425.883.7464 and literally saved dozens of crucial hours by working with us as his one stop shop, leaving him free to perfect the details of his launch plan. Why spend 2 weeks shopping with 6-8 vendors for printing, signs and trade show booth popups when you can walk in our door, breathe easy and let the professionals take over!  

Recent projects have included:

  • Sales Kickoff - Popups, display signage, monogrammed Moleskine journals and coil bound sales training catalogs for Pushpay, a Redmond e-commerce company!
  • PAX East 2016 - Popups, table throws, lighting, signage, business cards and flyers for Brent's video game startup Pump Action Games!
  • CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) - Pop Ups, display signage, demonstration kits, table throws and tabletop displays for Microvision's Customer Engagement Center!
  • Lake Washington Schools Foundation 2016 Spring Events - Save the Date postcards, invitations with color envelopes using our bulk mailing services, annual report booklets, mounted posters, and popups to frame the stage for the annual breakfast and lunch!

Call us at 425.883.7464 to make an appointment in our design studio and let's get started today. 

Bring your idea sketched on a napkin and we'll bring it to life. Or bring your Designer and your fully baked project plan, and we'll carry you the last mile.

PS: Go check out and support Indie gaming!