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One of the most effective techniques for standing out is to become known as an expert within a particular community or neighborhood. Being recognized and trusted as a local expert is an important part of growing and preserving your position as the go-to business in your community.

There is a lot of value to tapping into your local customer base, but you want to make sure your marketing is effective. To ensure your marketing efforts produce the best results, you need to select the right neighborhood:

  • Identify the places in which you are most familiar or are already doing a lot of business.
  • Look at your competition — there’s nothing wrong with having to put in a little work, but think twice about entering a market that already has an established leader. 

With door hangers, vehicle graphics and direct mail, you can reach thousands of new customers - and at Minuteman Press of Redmond we can help you do this both quickly and inexpensively. In a one stop shop, you can plan a marketing campaign, get the highest quality print products, and set yourself apart from your competition in a positive way. Call us to set up a meeting and start reaching thousands of new customers today!

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