Welcome Event Planning Hero!

Why do dozens of event planners trust us to print for them?

We have in house creative, we don't miss deadlines, we work incredibly fast and our quality bar is very high. 

That's why we're a 3 time Printing Industries of America award winner for event driven printing!

If you have an urgent need, please call the store now at 4258837464 to speak with a consultant on our team and let us figure out how to help you.

Still in the planning phase? Great! This page is a starting point for our discussion. Have a quick read, tell us how to reach you and we'll call you within 1-2 hours to start the conversation.

Here are the most common printed event related items that we do for Microsoft, Olive Crest, Lake Washington Schools Foundation, Northwest Center, Acres of Diamonds and others:

  • Postcards promote awareness (i.e., save the date) or provide gratitude (i.e., thank you cards).
  • Invitations with matching color envelopes to create a professional, or formal tone and generate RSVPs.
  • Booklets/ Catalogs to support an auction agenda, highlight programs or accomplishments (i.e., annual report).
  • Mounted Posters/ Banners for wayfinding and logistics, sponsorship recognition and storytelling 
  • Popup banners for event branding, frame the stage for media capture, or to support photo and video experiences.
  • Table tents and agendas to keep top of mind awareness and support the event purpose.
  • Sponsor / donation printing including remit cards, envelopes and auction forms to drive fundraising activity.
  • Promotional giveaways including swag bags, branded items.
  • Logo / event branding printed apparel to appreciate attendees and provide event branding for the supporting team and staff.
  • Photo and video support including post event production

Services that we also offer:

  • Graphic Design where we can either take lead on the event or support your team with last mile production design assistance. 
  • Mailing list processing (address verification, marketing list sourcing, demographic and analytical services
  • Direct Mailing of save the date postcards, invitations with envelopes and thank you cards to sponsors and donors. 
  • Finishing, bindery and assembly of printed and other physical items


To contact us, please fill out the form and we will follow up with you immediately.