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Binders & Tabs

Organize with a professional touch.

At Minuteman Press of Redmond, we design and print custom binders and tabs to help you organize your employee, educational and marketing materials.

Whether it’s catalogs for training sessions and conventions, budget or Board books, RFP responses, auction or event booklets, HR to employee manuals or sports team programs, we can help you produce something you’ll be proud to distribute.

Take a look at our bindery options. Or we’ll take it a step further, if you want, and set you up with presentation folders for your most important meetings and fun promotional products for your next trade show. Whatever you need, we’ll help you reinforce your brand and keep your marketing materials organized and consistent.

Please tell us how to get ahold of you and a little about your project. One of our team members will get ahold of you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Binders & Tabs

Best practices for professional binders:

  • Organize your files in folders by binder name (if you have multiple binders)
  • Organize subfolders and request printed tabs for each subfolder (we recommend using 1 tab for each subfolder. We've done 3” 3 ring bound books with up to 15-20 tabs in a book but we could go 25-30)
  • Use no more than 2 folder levels: binder level and tab level
  • All documents converted to .pdf
  • Do not include any documents that shouldn’t be printed when you provide us your files
  • Request printed cover and spine sheets
  • Request a short in person appointment to review the binder and make sure that we are on the same page!